Co-Branding, the newest marketing trend.

CO-BRANDING is a new collaborative marketing strategy that through an association of two or more brands, maximizes cost efficiency as well as reach in social networks and other leads to all participants.


THE COMPANIES THAT PARTICIPATE may choose to make a joint campaign (where costs are shared among all participating brands) or an independent campaign taking advantage of the chosen destination of the project, and enjoying a reduced overall cost with results comparable to high budget campaigns. 

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Thanks to Co-Branding among brands that are not direct competition, we can get an exclusive campaign in a fascinating location and with a team of professionals at a competitive price. One of the aspects to highlight in our operation is that the participating brands commit to tagging the rest of the sponsors in those images in which their products appear. This synergy allows us to significantly improve the impact on social networks of all Sponsors.


Next Co-Branding projects:

- May 19: Tulum 
- June 19: Spain, Portugal, France
- September 19: Indonesia
- October 19: Sri Lanka
- November 19: Maldives

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